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When Banks Say No ! We Say Yes !

Our ITIN loan program offers financing for Undocumented / Non-US Citizens / Foreign National Borrowers living and working in Florida who have a valid passport from their country of origin and current ITIN ID card to purchase or refinance a primary home in FLORIDA. 

Many of our Undocumented / Non-US Citizens / Foreign National immigrant population do not have a Social Security numbers and have limited credit history or no Credit History which often disqualifies them from obtaining an FHA or Conventional Mortgage.

Frequently Asked Questions about ITIN Home Loans

Q. Do I need to have a perfect credit score to receive a mortgage? *A. No, if you not have not established credit and pay your utilities, car payments, etc..on time with good spending habits.  We can establish the required credit score by using only your trade-lines.  

Q. What type of income do I need to provide? 

  • If you are an employed wage earner, we need your last two years tax returns and last 2 months of bank statements
  • If you are Self-Employed, we can qualify you with your last 24 months bank statements - No Tax returns or W-2's required !Your income must be generated in the USA – no overseas income allowed 

Q. Identification?  A Valid Passport from your country of origin (or) a State ID 

Q. No Credit Score? No Problem  If you have an ITIN tax number and have not established a credit score with 3 or more trade-lines, you can establish a credit score by providing us with 3 alternative sources (rent, utilities, cell, insurance, etc.).

Q. Are Gift Funds Allowed For My Down Payment ?  YES ! Family members can help with your down payment reducing the borrowers down payment to 5%

Recent ITIN Lending Closings (CTC = Clear to Close)

>  $ 198,000 - Wage Earner - CTC in 11 days

> $ 242,750 - Self Employed - CTC in 13 days

> $ 365,000 - 54% Debt to Income Ratio - CTC in 21 days


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